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The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) invites employees and members of its legacy and community initiatives to take part in the SC Ramadan Community Cup – an online FIFA 20 tournament.

The competition has been organised in order to keep everyone connected while we stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In order to take part, you will need access to the following:

  • PlayStation 4
  • FIFA 20
  • Active PSN subscription

Participants will initially be split into four groups:

  • SC employees and their families
  • Generation Amazing
  • Community Engagement
  • Qatar Community Football League

Each group will contain a maximum of 64 players. A knockout competition will result in eight qualifiers from each group, who will then take part in the Champions Cup, which will feature a group stage and knockout rounds before the overall winner is crowned.

General tournament rules:

  • Once the draw has been made, the players will add each other on PSN
  • The players should use WhatsApp to organise the kick-off time on the specified date
  • Each match will be played over two legs (one home and one away for each player)
  • Matches will last for 6 minutes
  • Game Speed: Normal 
  • If necessary, the away goals rule will apply to decide the result. If the teams are level after away goals, a play-off match will take place. Play-off matches will continue to take place until there is a winner
  • Players can play with default FIFA, club or international teams (no ultimate teams allowed)
  • Both players can select the same team if they like
  • Each player may use his/her preferred style of defending
  • If the connection is interrupted, the final result will be decided by the console

Champions Cup group stage rules:

  • There will be eight groups of four teams
  • Teams will play each other twice – once at home and once away
  • The top two in each group will qualify for the knockout stage
  • Three points will be awarded to the winning team
  • Zero points will be awarded to the losing team
  • One point will be awarded to each team in the event of a draw
  • The total points will determine the final league position. If players are level on points, the final position will be decided on goal difference and goals scored
  • Should players be level on points, goal difference and goals scored, a play-off match will be organized 

Champions Cup knockout stage rules:

  • Matches will take place over two legs – one at home and one away
  • The away goals rule will apply
  • If the teams remain deadlocked after the away goals rule has been applied, a play-off match will be organised to decide the winner. Play-off matches will continue to take place until there is a winner
  • The final will be a one-off game at a neutral venue
  • Matches during the knockout stage will be streamed live online

*This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.

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The league was founded by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in 2016

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