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Welcome to the 2018 / 2019 Qatar Community Football League season!

We are pleased to provide you with an updated copy of the League Handbook. The purpose of this handbook is to provide a guide to the QCFL for teams and players.

The Handbook provides you with information to follow in the organization of your team and its participation during the 2018 / 2019 season.
Please contact the League Manager if you have any questions about the information in the Handbook.





The QCFL, which will run from September 2018 until April 2019, is a four-tiered pyramid league in which 42 teams across four divisions compete.
The QCFL’s return marks another milestone in the delivery of a lasting positive legacy for Qatar thanks to the country’s preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.




All of the teams participating in a Qatar Community Football League shall be obliged to comply with all Rules, Regulations and directions as made by the League Organising Committee relating to the competition.

For the avoidance of any doubt it shall be the responsibility of the teams participating in competition to ensure compliance with all the said Rules and Regulations by its players and officials.


Laws of the Game


In all matches the Laws of the Game as specified by FIFA, shall apply.




“FIFA” shall mean Federation Internationale de Football Association, the entity governing professional soccer internationally, or its successors.

“LEAGUE” shall mean the Qatar Community Football League

“TEAM” shall mean the group or organization that has been granted participation in the LEAGUE.

“Minimum Standards” shall mean the minimum standards that must be met by all member CLUBS.

“Season” shall mean the time period in any year during which official games are played in the


“SPONSORS” shall mean official LEAGUE sponsors as named by SYL.

“Facility” shall mean the LEAGUE approved playing facility utilized by the TEAM during the


“LEAGUE NAME & BRAND” shall mean the name of the LEAGUE and its BRAND that may be amended by LEAGUE from time to time.

“LEAGUE Rules” shall mean the playing and organisational rules and policies of the LEAGUE.

“QFA” shall mean Qatar Football Association, the governing entity for soccer in Qatar.

“Participation Agreement” shall mean the agreement between LEAGUE and TEAM to allow participation for the upcoming season.


QCFL Values

We believe that football must remain a simple, beautiful game played by all. Our values promote the spirit of the league and must be adopted by all teams, players and supporters.


v  Inclusivity – A league for all ages, nationalities and capabilities.

v  Community – Qatar is not made up of several communities, we are one community.

v  Health – Promoting healthy living through sport.

v  Sportsmanship – A competitive, honest and fun loving league spirit.

v  Legacy – Build on Qatar’s footballing culture.

League Organising Committee

·       Chairman – Zaid Mosawy

·       Secretary – Ronan Kelly

·       League Manager – Omar Saad

·       Referee Committee

·       Team Manager Committee


General Provisions

The Chairman and Secretary have the power to amend roles, responsibilities and rules.

League Roles & Responsibilities


§  Oversee the league organization and development.

§  Oversee the league rules and operations.

§  Approve recommendations from the Team Manager, League Manager and Referee Committees.

§  Responsible for communication with teams and stakeholders.



§  Support the Chairman.

§  Responsible for the league rules and operations.

§  Responsible for committee administration.

§  Responsible for organization of the league.


League Manager

§  Support the Secretary and the Chairman.

§  Responsible for every day operations of the league.

§  Responsible for social media uploads.

§  Responsible for the end of year event.


Disciplinary Committee

§  Meet to review player and team discipline and related behaviour incidents.

§  Recommend and impose sanctions on players and teams pending discipline and behaviour.


Referee Committee

§  Meet monthly to review referee performance.

§  Recommend disciplinary sanctions to the Disciplinary Committee.

§  Responsible for the review of player/team discipline.

Team Manager Committee (Optional)

§  Recommend and vote on changes to league rules and operations. Raise recommendations to the Secretary.

§  Meet twice a season to review referee performance. Raise recommendations to the Secretary.

Team Manager



To plan, implement and organise the activities as outlined by the league. The following is an overview of the responsibilities and your objectives throughout the season to ensure an organised team and successful participation in the league.

Functional Relationships

  1. League Chairman and League Secretary
  2. League Organisers
  3. Referees
  4. Other participating teams


  1. Meet with the league organisers to understand the requirements of the competition.
  2. Ensure all players are registered and necessary papers are completed
  3. Prepare a list of players and management, with their phone numbers and email addresses.
  4. Distribute this list to the team and league organisers.
  5. Arrange for equipment and playing kit as required.
  6. Be familiar with the QCFL handbook and competition regulations.

During Season

  1. Provide information of upcoming matches to team
  2. Ensure team arrangements per match have been confirmed.
  3. Ensure playing gear is organized for each match.
  4. Ensure team has necessary medical supplies.
  5. Organise and arrange the payment of any team expenses.
  6. Ensure team upholds the values of the QCFL.
  7. Provide photos and updates across all league media platforms to help market the league.

Match Day

  1. Arrive early to the match to ensure that the correct playing field is identified and organisers are aware the team is arriving for the match as schedule.
  2. Complete team sheet and hand to the referee before the game.
  3. Support the League Organizing Committee and Sponsors where and when appropriate.

End of Season

  1. Take part in the final day event
  2. Submit a report to League Organising Committee with feedback



League Rules 2018 / 2019


1.0            QCFL Season

1.1            The season starts in October or with the first official match in the season and ends at the end of April or with the last official match in the season.

1.2            Games are played from Sunday to Wednesday, from 7pm to 11pm.

1.3            Games will be played at Aspire Zone – pitches; 9, 10, 11 & 12, and Doha Gulf Club.

1.4            Fixtures (season schedule) will be finalized in October once team entries and commitment has been confirmed.  This will then be communicated to the teams.

1.5            QCFL reserve the right to change and / or alter any part of the QCFL season.


2.0            QCFL Competitions

2.1            The QCFL will run a league competition. 42 teams have entered the 2018/19 season. There will be 4 leagues of 10/12 teams. Each team will play each other twice in the league.

2.2            Each team will have an equal number of ‘home’ and ‘away’ fixtures in the league which will identify which teams responsibility it is to provide the match balls, pay the referees and provide the match day card which is filled in and passed to the away team at least 15 mins before kick off.

2.3            The QCFL will run a cup competition. 42 teams have entered the 2018/19 competition. The format for the league will be shared in early 2018.

3.0            QCFL League Rules


3.1            Football Rules

3.1.1         Each match will adhere to rules and regulation as contained within “FIFA’s Laws of the Games” 2018/19, with the following exceptions.

3.1.2         Matches will be 30 minutes each way, with a 5 minute break for half time.

3.1.3         A maximum of 5 substitutes can be used per game. (The roll-on-roll-off rule will apply.)


3.2            Points

3.2.1         Three points will be awarded to the winning team.

3.2.2         One point will be award to each team for a draw.

3.2.3         No points will be awarded for a losing team.


3.3            Ranking

3.3.1         Total points earned by each team will determine league position, with the higher points earning a higher league position.

3.3.2         In the event that the number of points is equal, the goal difference between the teams is compared, with the larger goal difference earning the higher league position.

3.3.3         If total points and goal difference are equal, the team with the most goals scored earns the higher league position.

3.3.4         If the total points, goal difference and goals scored are even, the teams with the best disciplinary record will earn the higher league position (least red cards, then least yellow cards.)
3.4            Promotion / Relegation

3.4.1         The top two teams will be promoted into the league above (If a league exists above)

3.4.2         The bottom two teams will be relegated into the league below (If a league exists below)

3.4.3         The Chairman and Secretary have the right to assign teams to leagues at the start of the season.


3.5            Discipline

3.5.1         5 yellow cards for a player equates to a 1 match ban from the team’s next competitive game.

3.5.2         2 yellow cards for a player in the same game, equating to a red card will mean the player is suspended for the team’s next fixture

3.5.3         A straight red card for a player equates to a 2 match ban from the team’s next 2 competitive games.

3.5.4         Each match day suspension equates to a QR 50 fine e.g. a 3 match ban will equate to QR 150.
3.5.5         All fines will have to be paid within 14 days.
3.5.6         Teams have 48 hours to appeal against any decisions.

3.5.7         The league Secretary reserves the right to punish offences reported in any way seen fit, following consultation with the disciplinary committee. This may deviate from the list of standard punishments above.



3.6            Cancelling a game
3.6.1         In the event that a team is unable to field a minimum of 7 players for a game, they need to notify the league with a minimum of 48hrs notice. A maximum of 2 forfeited games will go unpunished.
3.6.2         If a team forfeit 3 or more games, they will be fined 200QR for each additional game.

3.6.3         If a team forfeit a game with less than 48hrs notice, they will be fined 450QR.


4.0            QCFL Cup Rules

4.1            Football Rules

4.1.1         As per the QCFL league

4.1.2         Knock-out stages will go straight to penalties after full time. 5 penalties



5.0            Team Registration

5.1            Teams must register by 31st August 2018.
5.2            Registration is subject to the capacity for the league each year.

5.3            QAR 2,000 registration fee must be received before the start of the season.
5.4            No player is allowed to register for more than one team in Qatar.
5.5            Teams with less than 30 players registered will receive requests from QCFL to allow individual players to train with their squads. Teams are asked to receive players openly and allow players to participate in training sessions as part of the inclusive spirit of the league.
5.6            Each club will notify the league of the colours for their playing jerseys.

5.7            Two contact names are requested from each team with associated contact details to ensure effective communications throughout the season.

5.8            Managers have to make sure all their registered players are registered online with photos of each player.
5.9            If a team is found to play an unregistered player, they will lose 3-0 all the games the player was involved in

6.0            Match day

6.1            Teams must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled kick off time

6.2            Teams must be playing in their registered team kit. Each player must wear a jersey (With number), shorts, stockings and appropriate footwear.
6.3            All players must wear shin pads. No exception will be made. Any player found not to be wearing shin pads will be asked to leave the field of play to correct his equipment. Stockings should cover the shin pads fully. If not, the player will be asked to leave the field of play to correct his equipment.

6.4            In the event of a colour clash, it is the responsibility of the ‘away’ team to change its colours.

6.5            Each team must come with a minimum of two “FIFA Quality” footballs to each game.

6.6            The team card must be provided by the home team, filled in and then passed to the away team who will fill in their part and present it to the referee before the start of the game.

6.7            Each team must use the League phone app to update the stats of each game.

6.8            All teams will be provided with a sufficient number of team cards at the final manager’s meeting before the season commences.

6.9            Any suspended player shall not participate.

6.10          Only registered players for that team can participate.

6.11          Referees should be paid before the start of each game.

6.12          Teams not fielding a minimum of 8 players 20 minutes after the assigned kick off time will automatically forfeit the game and fines the referee fee.
6.13          At the end of the match, the referee will select a man of the match for both teams.


7.0            Team Performance

7.1            Players must adhere to the rules and values of the league.

7.2            Players must abide by the leadership of the team manager.

7.3            It is the responsibility of the team manager to ensure players actions are in line with the league values.



Referee and Assistant Referees


8.0            Scheduling

8.1            The referees will be appointed by the QCFL.

8.2            If the appointed referee is unable to attend the match or has been injured before or during the match, he shall inform QCFL and a replacement will be arranged.


9.0            Role

9.1            The referee shall arrive at the ground a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled kick off.

9.2            Referees shall wear designated kit, and shall have a change of colours.

9.3            The referee has the absolute power to suspend, end or cancel the match due to external factors, weather conditions, intervention of spectators or any reason he deems to be binding.
9.4            The referee submits his report on the match within 48 hours from the end of the match.




10.0          Guidance

10.1          Supporters must adhere to the values of the league.

10.2          Supporters must abide by the leadership of the team manager.

10.3          It is the responsibility of the team manager to ensure supporters actions are in line with the league values.

10.4          A maximum of 50 supporters per team can attend each game. (Current limitations due to the location of the pitches). In the event of important games, notice can be provided to Aspire to allow more supporters to attend. (To be discussed with the league Secretary).

10.5          Supporters are asked to contribute positively to the game, applauding good play in all teams.

10.6          Supporters cannot enter the field of play.

10.7          QCFL will not tolerate racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.

Health and Safety


11.0          Guidance

11.1          In the event of serious incidents / accidents, the emergency services must be contacted first.

11.2          Aspire should then be notified in order to prepare access onto the park.
11.3          The League Manager should then be notified.

11.4          The managers will be primarily responsible for their players. (It is strongly recommended by QCFL that managers and coaches have basic first aid training.)

11.5          Referees will determine if the game should be suspended.

11.6          First aid kits must be available at all times, and each team must have a kit.






The league was founded by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in 2016

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